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Preferred File Format


The preferred file format for artwork is a vector file, preferably an .eps or .ai (illustrator) file. These vector formats ensure that shapes, sizes, and colours remain true to their original state. These graphics can be fluidly scaled to large sizes without any quality loss.

Files to avoid (jpg, tiff, png)

Raster graphics, such as .gif and .jpeg consist of an arrangement of pixels of various colours that form an image. When enlarged, these can turn blurry due to poor quality or insufficient resolution.

Artwork Approval

Under no circumstances do we send an order to production until the client has fully approved every aspect of the order.

Artwork approvals are to reflect the clients vision of colours, print size, and print placement. Please review the proof carefully. Regimbal will not be accountable for any errors after the samples are approved.

If there are any changes that you wish to make, please request them before approving the examples/samples. Any changes requested after approval may result in additional set up charges, at a cost of $75/hr.

Any mistakes in artwork found after the job has been completed will not be the responsibility of Regimbal, unless the nature of the mistake was a production error made by Regimbal. In addition, more changes (artwork, apparel, quantities, dimensions, etc) to your order may result in a delay in receiving the merchandise. Again, orders are not sent to production until the client has fully approved every aspect of the order.

Pantone Colours

Pantone® Matching System (PMS). This color chart is intended as a reference guide.

If you wish your logo or graphic to stay true to its identity, we recommended specifying the pantone colour code(s) for printing purposes.

When inspecting proofs, please verify and confirm that the correct colour codes have been included in the artwork files.

Turn Around Time

Once the proof and artwork have been approved and sent to production, clients can expect a waiting time of 7-14 business days for the reception of their merchandise, unless a specific due date has been negotiated and agreed upon by both parties. Although rare, unexpected complications can occur, pushing us back in our production schedule. We always recommend planning one week ahead of your personal deadline. We will do our best to meet your deadline.

Rush Orders

Need of something in less than 24hrs? We can try and figure something out. Keep in mind that additional charges could apply to these rush orders.

Are the Fonts Considered Vectors?

Please be sure that all fonts are converted to outlines or curves and that extraneous objects, stray points, empty text paths and unused or non-printing layers are removed before submitting your file.

Additional Fees

Although we are willing to look at any artwork files that you may have, artwork that does not conform to our guidelines may either be unusable or require additional artwork charges to be applied.

Available Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods :






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