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The Prize For a Champion!

Customizable models

Various stock medals are available for the sport team or club of your choosing. We have over a hundred customizable models to choose from in order to make a memorable impression. We will assist you in developing your medal from star to finish.

Plastic Dress-Up Canada continues to be a leader in new product development by continuously bringing new and innovative ideas to the market to satisfy both awards and recognition industries. All our products are competitively priced and beautifully designed to maximize customer satisfaction. (Skip to p.42)

Clock & Pen Sets, Time, Gift

CNIJs manufacturing process is vertically integrated, allowing us to create almost anything from the raw material to the finished goods. We specialize in different metals such as lead free pewter, zinc, brass, silver, gold, Eco products, and more. They can design and create unique items for every budget ranging from the smallest to the largest order.